Please see cemetery office staff for Urns, Necklaces and Keepsakes for cremated remains.

Adult Cremation
Infant Cremation

(Coffin size not to exceed 110cm long)

Adult Cremations with Oversized coffins

(200kg or heavier)

Un-Registrable Foetus Cremation
Incineration of materials
Additional Ash Containers
Viewing of Cremation (per cremation)
Packaging and posting of cremated remains
Extended Cremation Service Package

includes coffin, transportation and cremation. (pick‐up from Royal Darwin Hospital & Palmerston Regional Hospital Morgues only) 

Extended Cremation Service Package – Oversized Coffin
Extended Cremation Service Package – Infant

(Capsule not to exceed 110cm long)

Purchase of an assembled capsule
Refrigerated storage of coffin (per night, maximum 5 nights)
Cleaning of Cremator (per hour or part thereof)
Extra Charge on Byron Coffins

(extra residue, extra processing) 

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