In July 2019, Council formally commenced a review of constitutional arrangements (Electoral Review) as required under the Local Government Act 2008.

The Electoral Review highlighted the below facts;

  • Litchfield Council has the least number of elected representatives of all municipal councils in the Northern Territory
  • Compared to Council’s with similar population across Australia, Litchfield residents are significantly underrepresented.
  • The is an imbalance in the elector numbers and elector ratios between the existing four wards.
  • The trend and density of the population has increased by almost 50% over the past 17 years, meaning the current Councillors are representing more people then ever before.

In April 2020 Council endorsed a draft Consultation paper for public consultation.

After considering public submissions received during the consultation period, Council made a formal resolution and endorsed the report to the Minister for Local Government, Housing and Community Development.

In December 2020, Minister for Local Government, the Hon. Chanston Paech formally announced changes to the Litchfield Council area that will commence at the August 2021 elections.

In the 2021 election the current ward structure and boundaries will be abolished and replaced with a new Central, North and South Ward. There will also be two members elected for each of the new wards.

The community will have more support from their representation in Council with the increase in elected members and realignment of ward boundaries.

If you would like further information, please see the report below.

Electoral Review Report 2020