A good emergency survival plan includes knowing where you and your family and pets will shelter.

Sheltering at home during a cyclone

If your house has been built to code and has been well maintained, you should shelter at home. If your house is not to code, you should consider sheltering with family or friends who have a house built to code.

Emergency shelters

Emergency shelters are unique to the Northern Territory and are a direct legacy of Cyclone Tracy. Government buildings are provided so they could be used as emergency shelter facilities during a cyclone. Shelters are provided for residents who are at risk from storm surge, live in caravan parks or other non-coded homes. Animals are not permitted at Shelters within the Municiaplity.

Emergency shelter locations
Berry Springs Primary School1,150 Cox Peninsula Road, Berry Springs
Girraween Primary SchoolCarruth Road, Girraween
Taminmin CollegeChalloner Circuit, Humpty Doo

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