From 1 January 2018, Litchfield Council like other Top End Councils has taken ownership and maintenance of all streetlights on council roads.

Most streetlights in the Litchfield municipality are mounted on a power pole and the pole remains the property of Power and Water Corporation.

Streetlights at intersections on NT government roads such as Stuart Highway, Arnhem Highway, Cox Peninsula and Gunn Point Road are maintained by the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics.

The proper operation and maintenance of local streetlighting is an important part of community safety. If you see a faulty Council streetlight or any other public light such as in a park, you can assist by reporting it to Council in one of the following ways:

  • Send us an email to [email protected] and tell us the location of the pole on which the light is fixed, including where possible the identification number of the pole;
  • Call the Council office on 8983 0600; or
  • Fill in the form below.

If street lights are out due to a motor vehicle incident, please phone Power and Water Corporation on 1800 245 092.

Report a fault