The Northern Territory Government's Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics is the responsible authority on all planning matters in the NT.

The Minister appoints the Development Consent Authority (DCA) as the body responsible for approving developments and subdivisions in the Territory. The Northern Territory Government (NTG) and relevant Minister are responsible for administering the Northern Territory Planning Act and NT Planning Scheme.

Council is the responsible authority for roads and pathways, stormwater drainage, waste, lighting and public open space within the municipality.

The Litchfield Council – Development and Subdivision Standards (Standards) provide developers and stakeholders (engineers, planners, contractors etc.) with the minimum standards acceptable to Litchfield Council for development and subdivision design, construction, and maintenance of land within Litchfield municipality. The Standards set out the design and approval process and the design criteria and technical requirements for all aspects of development and subdivision managed by Council within Litchfield municipality.

Development and Subdivision Standards »

Section 27 of the Planning Act allows for Council to prepare a Contribution Plan requiring payment of a contribution from developers towards the cost of providing infrastructure in order to meet expected increased demand from development and subdivision.

Developer Contributions Plan »

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