Litchfield Council's Strategic Plan 2018-2021 identifies advocacy as an important link to growing and maintaining a municipality that is the best place to live in the Top End. It is for this reason, Council is committed to powerful and effective advocacy.

With the municipality expected to continue to experience growth in population, the community demand for facilities, increased competition for services and expectations about managing our environment and open space will increase.

Litchfield Council has developed and endorsed the Litchfield Council Advocacy Strategy & Action Plan 2020-2022 that will guide Council's advocacy efforts.

Priority Projects for 2021-22

Priority Projects for 2020-21


Building Better Regions

Litchfield Council has worked with its diverse, motivated and informed community to develop a long-term masterplan for an integrated sporting and community facility - Freds Pass Sport and Recreation Reserve.

Success for the growth of the Reserve is contingent on a major funding injection. 

A business case has been developed to apply for the Building Better Regions Fund to improve infrastructure and increase sports participation.

Freds Pass Sport and Recreation Reserve Business Case.