Local Government Elections will be held in the Northern Territory in August 2021.

Every four years, residents in the Northern Territory are required to vote for who will
represent them on their Local Government council.

It is an important decision because Local Government is the layer of government closest
to the people. When residents have a concern about something in their community, the
local council is where people go first.

Becoming an elected member of a Local Government council is a great way to influence
the direction of your community.

For more information visit:

Local Government Association of the NT

NT Electoral Commission

Online Brochure


Are you interested in becoming an Elected Member?

Litchfield Council is co-hosting a Local Government Election information session with the Local Government Association of the NT (LGANT) and the NT Electoral Commission (NTEC).

Information on eligibility, how to nominate, the roles and responsibilities of an Elected Member, campaigning and much more.

If you are passionate about your local community, come along and find out more.

Date: Tuesday 20 July 2021

Time: 6pm

Venue: Council Chambers, 7 Bees Creek Road Freds Pass

So you want to campaign