At Thorak Regional Cemetery we strive to maintain high standards of beauty, peace and tranquility.

It is our privilege to serve families with care and respect; this is reflected in everything we do, especially cremations.

Crematorium arrangements can be made through the family preferred funeral director or directly with Thorak Regional Cemetery.

Thorak offers an extended cremation service. This 'no-frills' package includes pick up from either the Royal Darwin Hospital or Palmerston Regional Hospital morgues; an environmentally friendly, economical coffin or capsule; the creation; and ashes contained in a presentation box.

Funeral Service Providers in the Darwin Region
Simplicity Funerals N.T6 Presley St. Stuart Park NT 0820,
08 8941 1633
Darwin Funeral Services121 Amy Johnson Ave. Marrara NT, 0812
08 8945 2222
Territory Funerals

1/13 Butler Place. Holtze NT, 0829

0438 637 258

Happier Endings

[email protected]

0437 651 206


The cremation typically follows the funeral or celebration of life service. For those who wish, a viewing room adjacent to the cremator allows loved ones to watch the casket as it enters the cremation chamber.

Cremations may also be unattended, family are notified when the ashes are ready to be picked up or they can be packaged and sent to any destination within Australia.

Thorak Regional Cemetery offers a choice of places where cremated remains can be interred above and in ground. Cemetery staff are available to discuss this and our function room facilities with you.

Families have six months from cremation date to claim their cremated remains. Unclaimed cremated remains may be scattered in unspecified areas within the cemetery grounds.