Mira Square

Adasroofing & Construction are committed to the construction of the Mira Square Community Building, and will do their best to work to the following schedule: 

  • June 2022 - concrete slab laid and water tanks positioned; 
  • July 2022 -  assemble steel structure kit;
  • August 2022  -  all plumbing and electrical to be completed, certificates, occupancy certificate, Section 40 and certificates from plumber and electrician;
  • September - hand over to Council. 
Mira Square

Council Roads Data Collection

Traffic counters are installed on various identified roads to assess the usage of roads across our network.

Traffic counters are primarily used to collect data (e.g. vehicle volumes and types of vehicles etc.). 

This data collection is used by the engineers to inform asset management plans which in tern inform reseal programs.

There is also additional uses for the collection of the this data including:
•    applying for federal and territory funding to support infrastructure improvements
•    investigating complaints (heavy vehicle, speed etc.)
•    inform traffic calming measures (speed bump requirements)

The data that is collected from traffic counters is important to ensure that any decisions made are evidence-based.