Dog Registration

Is your dog currently registered? Litchfield Council (Dog Management By-laws), require all dogs in the Litchfield municipality to be registered. The registration period is 1 September to 31 August annually, with lifetime registration available for de-sexed dogs.

Dog Registration Fees 2024-2025

Registration categoryAnnualAnnual
Entire dog$101.00$53.50N/AN/A
De-sexed dog (proof required)$23.00$12.00$115.50$58.00
Registered breeder/Dogs NT member$53.50N/AN/AN/A
Declared dangerous dog$335.50N/AN/AN/A
Working dog, assistance dog, service dogFreeN/AN/AN/A
  • Annual dog registration expires on 31 August. A 50% pro rata fee applies for all new annual dog registration applications that are received after 1 March each year.
  • Puppies under six months of age receive up to one-year registration at no charge.
  • The concession fee applies to dog owners who are in receipt of a government pension (proof required).
  • The registration breeder fee applies to owners who are members of Dogs of NT and who have agreed to abide by the North Australian Canine Association Rules, Regulations and Code of Ethics (proof required).
  • Owners of working dogs are required to provide evidence that they are carrying on a business on a primary production and complete an application for working dog registration concession form which is available below. 

Pro-Rata Dog Registration

01 Mar - 30 Jun 2025 A 50% pro rata fee applies for all new annual dog registration applications that are received.

Should you have any dog registration questions please contact Council on 8983 0600.

Council’s new Dog Management By-laws came into effect on 5 July 2017. All dogs over the age of 3 months that are kept within the municipality for a period of 3 months or more, must now be registered.

Council provides dog owners with the option of annual and lifetime (for de-sexed dogs only) registration, with the annual registration period commencing on 1 September and expiring on 31 August each year. Registration fees are outlined on the dog registration form which can be found here.

Completed registration forms can be submitted, either in person at the Council office located on Bees Creek Road, by email to [email protected] or by post to PO Box 446 Humpty Doo NT 0836.

Forms and documents

Visit the forms page to access relevant forms.

Registration categories

De-sexed Dogs

With the aim of promoting responsible pet ownership, Council provide heavily discounted registration fees for de-sexed dogs. Dogs that are de-sexed are less likely to wander, fight or cause a nuisance in the community. De-sexing also assists in reducing the number of unwanted puppies and dogs that are often dumped or unclaimed from the pound.

A  concession of 50% of the normal fee is provided for de-sexed dogs.

Entire Dogs

There are no discounts available for dog owners who own entire dogs, unless you are a registered breeder or concession holder.

Registered Breeders (Entire Dog)

Owners of entire dogs who are members of Dogs NT and who have agreed to abide by the North Australian Canine Association Rules and Regulations, including the Code of Ethics, are offered a reduced registration fee. Proof of Membership will be required.

Declared Dangerous Dogs

Council may declare a dog to be dangerous if the dog menaces or attacks a person or animal; or, if an authorised person believes on reasonable grounds that the dog is destructive, dangerous, savage or a threat to the safety of the community.

Apart from an increased registration fee, the following conditions apply to dangerous dog registration:

  • Dangerous dog signage (provided by Council) is to be erected on the property where the dog is kept;
  • When the dog is not on its property, the dog must be in control of a person who is 18 years or over and must be muzzled and leashed.

Further information about dangerous dog requirements can be found in Part 2 Division 5 of the Litchfield Council Dog Management By-laws.

Working Dogs

To qualify for the working dog concession, dog owners will be required to provide evidence that they are carrying on a business of primary production.

Assistance/Service Dogs

Registration is free for assistance dogs, which are dogs that have been trained by a recognised assistance dog training institution, and that are required to assist a person who is wholly or partially blind or deaf; or, who has another form of disability requiring the use of an assistance dog.

Service dogs, ie dogs that are in the service of the Police, Defence or other government agency, are also exempt from registration fees. Proof of training by the relevant assistance/service will be required.

Rescue Dogs

Litchfield residents who adopt a dog from PAWS Darwin or RSPCA Darwin will receive FREE registration to the end of the current annual registration period. Registration will be completed at the animal shelter at the time of adoption and a registration tag will be issued to the dog owner.

$100 De-sexing Initiative

Council is offering de-sexing vouchers to provide residents with financial assistance to de-sex their dogs.

If you are a resident of the Litchfield Municipality and your dog is currently microchipped and registered you can apply now for a $100 voucher off the cost of your dogs de-sexing.

Click here to download the application form.

Desexing Voucher Details