Dog management and control within the Litchfield Municipality is a complex issue. Council is responsible for the administration of By-laws authorised by the Local Government Act 2011 Part 13.1, 188 and 195. The Act requires certain duties and obligations to be fulfilled by Council.

Dog Management By-Laws place an emphasis on public safety and maintaining a congenial living environment in the rural area. Council recognises that legislation alone will not change irresponsible dog owner's attitudes and behaviour. Council places a high emphasis on education and owner assistance to implement positive communication and long lasting community involvement in the management of dogs within the Litchfield Municipality.

In adopting and implementing By-Laws and dog control and management policies Council takes into account the following:

  • The importance of allowing members of the public to utilise roads, streets and public facilities without fear or apprehension by aggressive, feral or stray dogs.
  • The importance of reducing dog nuisances to the general community.
  • Reducing the number of dogs wandering in public areas, recreational areas and places frequented by children.
  • The recreational and exercise needs of dogs and their owners.
  • The cost of establishing and the ongoing operational costs of all aspects of animal control and management.

Litchfield Council Dog Management By-Laws