Engaging with the community

A proposal to develop an aquatic facility in the Litchfield area has a lengthy history dating back as far as 1992 with no evidence to support whether there is community need and demand for an aquatic facility.

Council is currently undertaking an Aquatic Facility Study to identify community needs for aquatic facilities in the Litchfield area. The study will build upon previous work completed by Council and the Northern Territory Government. Current and future population projections and aquatic leisure participation and facility development trends will be considered.

As one of Councils six major roles, working with the community, the study will involve consultation and engagement with the community and stakeholders.

Council is committed to being open and transparent and keeping the community informed which we believe will make Litchfield the best place to live in the Top End.

This study will provide detailed information to assist Council in deciding whether to pursue the development of an aquatic facility.

Another key project Council is undertaking is the 10-Year Waste Management Strategy.

After infrastructure, Council spend the highest amount of money on waste management which represents almost 20% of budget. If waste to landfill was reduced by 10% over four years, the savings would be considerable and allow Council to redirect funds to other activities.

Council will be undertaking a strategic review of the current waste services and consulting with the community and stakeholders to assist in the preparation of a comprehensive Waste Management Strategy for the next 10 years.

Council is calling for nominations for the 10-Year Waste Management Strategy Community Reference Group. The reference Group will represent the views of the community and provide suggested new ideas specific to the Strategy. We are looking for up to eight community members with a broad representation across the municipality including representation from Humpty Doo, Berry Springs, Coolalinga and Howard Springs. The Reference Group will be effective in October 2016 and will continue until approximately June 2017. Community members must be a resident in the Litchfield municipality, have community connections in our area and be available for the meetings. It is anticipated that the Group will meet four times.

October Business Month is fast approaching and Litchfield Council is pleased to be hosting the Making Connections – Introducing Litchfield Women in Business Network cocktail party event.

This event welcomes women in business who own or manage a business in Litchfield, own or manage a business but live in Litchfield and that would be both interested and valuable to have as part of an initial network.

It is a great opportunity to share experiences, provide peer-to-peer support and inspire and learn from each other and specialists. Women can also identify opportunities to collaborate, identify local suppliers and develop both professionally and personally.

The event will be held within October Business Month on Monday 10 October from 5.30pm at Litchfield Council Chambers.

Councils Community Grants, Donations, Scholarships and Sponsorships Program has an allocation of $2,000 for the 2016/17 period. This program provides each school in Litchfield with $200 for the purpose of a Litchfield Council Community Service Award. The CEO and myself have been meeting with Principals over the past few weeks to discuss the Grant. The presentation of the $200 cheques will take place at the Mayor’s Principals Network Event and is scheduled for Thursday 24 November 2016.

For further details on the Aquatic Facility Study, to nominate for the 10-Year Waste Management Strategy Community Reference Group or to RSVP for the Women in Business cocktail event visit Councils website www.litchfield.nt.gov.au