Well, the dry season is finally here! Isn't it great to feel the coolness in the morning air and have that reprieve from the humidity later in the day?

May has kicked the Dry Season of with great gusto! The first of the Noonamah Rodeos got under way with the bulls in fine gut busting fettle! A very well organised and popular event, one to put in the diary as a weekend highlight.

I was personally thrilled to see the return of the Freds Pass Show this year. The Show Committee did a BRILLIANT job and deserves much recognition for the 3 packed days of competitions, exhibits, shows, demonstrations, sideshow activities and FUN that was seen there. I was there all day Saturday/Sunday and heard a great many positive and supportive comments. Seeing the numbers walk through the gates, and the smiles of the families and people there was an absolute delight. Congratulations to the Freds Pass Show Committee, who worked extremely hard, we thank you for your immense community spirit and "bring it on" for next year!

The Rural Markets are in full swing at Coolalinga (weekly) and Berry Springs (last Sunday of the month). The Biggest Morning Tea was held at Coolalinga this weekend and a lot of tea was drunk! The Darwin River Volunteer Fire Brigade hosted the community kitchen at Berry Spring Markets last month, and I've heard the food was put out pretty quickly! Berry Springs markets will be holding a Car Boot Sale this month. Both markets have spaces for new stalls, so head on down and join the great bunch of people for a refreshing drink, new plants for the garden, clothes, soaps, jams/pickles, books, new ornaments for the backyard and sample foods that, I for one, can't make at home.

Litchfield has 7 Reserves used by the community and various sporting groups. They offer endless opportunities to join an activity, whether active or a leisurely craft, there's something for the whole family.

If there is an event coming up you would like to tell people about, an issue in the Council area that concerns you, please contact your local Councillor, come into the Council offices or contact me and we will do our best to help.


  • 1 May I attended a workshop in Palmerston. The Palmerston Regional Business Association is trying to brainstorm ideas for a new committee regarding tourism in Palmerston and surrounding areas including Litchfield. This was only their 2nd meeting and I was invited to attend for ideas on what they could be doing. They are taking it back to their executive for more information and direction on what they want them to do.
  • Sunday 4 May, I attended the Northern Territory Fire Fighters Competition at Freds Pass Reserve. This competition has been going on for years and fire fighters from around the Northern Territory, Alice Springs, Katherine and the Tiwi Islands come here to test their skills against each other. MLA Gerry Wood was there and spoke a few words at the opening. I also was asked to say a few words and thanked all of the volunteers for what they do in our community and for keeping our community safe, they train hard and all do a fantastic job.


  • On the 11th April, Russell Anderson (CEO) and I went for a drive around the Municipality to show him some of the problems that the community had identified, including roads, driveways and drainage.• Saturday 12 April, I attended the Cambodian Australian Community Association of the NT New Year celebrations held at Humpty Doo. The Association looks after the social and cultural well-being of local Cambodian families and promotes awareness of their cultural heritage. The Cambodian New Year is a major cultural festival for the Cambodian people in our area and covers 3 days, of which I attended 1. Minister Peter Styles and MLA Kezia Purick also attended this event with other dignitaries. It was a lovely social gathering and a great opportunity to catch up with our local Cambodian farmers who are very happy, cheerful, hardworking and polite people.
  • On 23 April I attended the Darwin Correctional Precinct Community Consultative Committee Meeting. We were given an overview of the inmate classification system. This system identifies what work or section of work the inmate can do, be it inside or outside the prison. An overview was also presented of the programs that address offending behaviour. Some of which included industries, education and training and an indigenous spiritual centre. A volunteer scheme, mentoring program and an Elders visiting program was also discussed.
    We were given an update as to the current development stage and it seems they are on time for the opening in July. I asked if all Councillors could be invited to the opening of the prison as they are having an official opening with invited guests. They advised that they could organise a time to show all Councillors through the facility.
  • On 25th April, Anzac Day, I attended the Humpty Doo Golf Club's Dawn Service it was great to see so many people attending. There were 2 armoured vehicles from Robertson Barracks, which the kids were all over! Thanks guys, much appreciated. 2 Waler horses and their young riders in full patrol kit, a real reminder of days gone by and the people who served back then. Thanks to the Australian Soldiers and American Marines who also participated, you are indeed an impressive sight.
    The Humpty Doo Village Green Anzac Day Ceremony was another great event with all the veterans and school kids marching in the parade. It made for a great day of remembrance of the Anzacs and indeed of all our military personnel. This year it was my turn to give a speech for the Anzacs. I gave a 4-minute speech; the emotion you feel when at these events can be a little overwhelming at times. Thanks very much to the Humpty Doo Volunteer Fire Brigade who performed the flag raising ceremony.
  • On 28 April I attended a meeting with the Freds Pass Show Committee to see how they were progressing. From what I could see they are putting together a fantastic show this year. It is a lot of hard work and I commend them for what they are doing and what they are going to do. I thank them very much for their community spirit in putting on Freds Pass Rural Show.

Community Effort is Essential and Immensely Valued.

Till next time,
Allan McKay