The Litchfield Council is seeking a change in leadership to refocus on the core services of local government in the community and has ended its employment relationship with Mr Daniel Fletcher, former CEO.

“Council has listened to the concerns raised by its residents, and we were voted in at the last election to deliver on services and not just make future promises” said Mayor Doug Barden.

Council faces significant challenges in supporting the development of a rural road network to better service our local communities, and make sure we have a safe, secure and environmentally sound waste management service for all of our residents.

“This does not mean Council will not continue to explore opportunities with our neighbouring councils and the NT Government to plan for future business and employment opportunities in our municipality,” said Mayor Barden.

Litchfield Council is about getting the balance right in meeting the community needs of today whilst planning for our future. 

“Litchfield offers great lifestyle opportunities and is the best place to live in the Top End of the Northern Territory” added Mayor Barden.

The search for a new CEO will commence shortly. In the interim Council will work with its Executive Leadership team to better meet the needs of its local communities across Litchfield.

Litchfield Council has appointed Mr Arun Dias as the temporary CEO.