Chansey and Mayor

Minister Chansey Paech and Litchfield Council Mayor Maree Bredhauer met today in Holtze and discussed the suburbs of Holtze, Kowandi and parts of Virginia.

The Minister and Mayor Bredhauer discussed what the service delivery for the new suburbs would look like and how Litchfield Council is already preparing to support the service needs of this area. 

Mayor Bredhauer was pleased with the discussions and wanted to assure the community that this is on Council’s radar, and we will continue to work with the NT Government on the future of these new areas as they will provide great benefit to the Litchfield municipality.

Council supports new developments in the municipality that are sustainable, have economic benefits for Litchfield and protect the amenity and lifestyle of the rural area. 

Mayor Bredhauer said that it is important that Council protects Litchfield’s amenity by ensuring that land use planning and development is appropriate, and any new infrastructure constructed meets Council’s standards.

“This planning stage is really important for the future, and we appreciate the support from Minister Paech to the Litchfield community” the Mayor said.

Council will continue to comment on any consultations run by the NT Government regarding the planning and development of these new areas in Litchfield.


Chansey and Mayor


Chansey and Mayor