Litchfield Council offers hire equipment, at a short cost to members of the Municipality to assist with animal difficulties.

Trap Hire

Dog traps are available for hire:

Item Bond Hire 
Dog Trap $105 $24.15 per week
Dog Trap $105 $73.50 per month

Delivery and/or pick up of animal trap $23

Barking Collars Hire

When the dog barks it will release a spray from the collar that smells strongly of citronella. This is not harmful to the dog but they find the smell very unpleasant and they associate it with their barking. In other words they know not to bark or they will get sprayed. This is very effective if used properly. Such as, the collar being firmly fitted to the dog and the collar full of spray with fresh batteries installed.

Barking collars are also known as citronella collars.

Item Bond Hire per/month
Bark Collar $105 $24.15