Stuart Highway Entrance Sign

The entrance signs were identified as one of 13 projects to be complete under the NT Governments Special Community Assistance and Local Employment (SCALE) funding.

Litchfield Council was awarded just over $567,000 as a response to increase local jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the entrance signs being $40,000.

Both signs, one on the Stuart Highway and one on Cox Peninsula Road just near the Litchfield Park turn off were designed, constructed and installed by local businesses.

Other projects include installation of new playgrounds, one at Humpty Doo Village Green and one at Livingstone Recreation Reserve, in which the community was greatly involved in the selection of the designs. More projects; Get Active in Litchfield, an 8 week active recreation program at the Council’s reserves, upgrades to the shared path network and new information signage at the McMinns Lagoon Recreation Reserve which are almost due to be installed.