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Interview Tips

Applicants shortlisted for an interview can expect to meet an interview panel including the Manager of the position being filled.

Most of the questions will be drawn from the competencies specified in the job description. This means that you should draw on your past experiences to illustrate the skills and abilities you have that fit the role. You can expect the majority of the questions to start with "Tell me about a time when . . . . " or “Give me an example of your ability to. . . . "

As a general rule, the best way to manage this type of questioning is to structure your answers by starting with a brief description of the situation you were given or faced with, followed by options you considered, the actions you took finishing with the results of those actions.

All applicants will be asked the same base questions but the follow up questions could vary depending on the initial response.

And remember: there is no substitute for preparation, research Litchfield Council and the current topics affecting the Municipality.

You can expect the interview to be approximately one hour in duration. It will finish with an opportunity for you to ask questions of the panel. This is a good time for you to demonstrate your interest in the role and the Municipality generally. If a practical test/exercise is to be undertaken as part of interview process, you will be advised of this prior to the interview.