The Litchfield Council – Development and Subdivision Standards provide developers and property owners with the minimum standards required by Litchfield Council for development and subdivision design, construction, and maintenance of land.

Works with a Development Permit

The process outlined within the Litchfield Council - Development and Subdivision Standards is to be followed.

Stormwater and Driveway Approval - without a Development Permit

Where works within existing properties do not require a development permit to be issued by the Northern Territory Government, the Building Certifier may require approval of stormwater and driveway by Council before issuing a Buidling Permit. In this instance, the Detailed Design Stage - Plan/Report Review Application is to be complete. For these developments, detailed design drawings will typically not be required and plans that demonstrate the relevant requirements will be sufficient.

The plans in this instance are to include;

  • Site Plan
  • Location of existing structures (with dimensions)
  • Location of proposed structure (with dimensions)
  • Distance of proposed structure from the property boundary
  • Contour lines - this is available on the NT ATLAS website
  • Schematic of direction of stormwater flow from structures
  • Stormwater infrastructure (where applicable)
  • Driveway details (with note of upgrade if applicable)

If additional information is required, the approving officer will advise you. Payment of the relevant plan approval fee is required within 3 days of application to enable Councnil approval within 10 days (if no further information is required).

Council can be contacted on 8983 0600 to discuss further at any time throughout the process or to provide assistance in submitting the required information.

Development and Subdivision Standards - Diagram


All PDF forms can be completed electronically


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