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Mobile Work Force

Mobile Work Force

Council employs a mobile work force of skilled operatives to provide slashing and weed control for Council’s land, road reserves and easements.

The work force undertakes all of the planned and remedial maintenance work in the Litchfield Municipality, with job allocation and scheduling organised to comply with seasonal activities, including wet weather and total fire ban days.

Effective scheduling of time and skills is crucial to optimising their utilisation and maximising return. The team work a yearly schedule to cover the region, spread over 3,000kms with 750kms of roads.

Round 1 Spraying and Slashing – Start of the Wet Season
Round 2 Spraying and Slashing – End of the Wet Season



We slash long grass on intersections and we slash variable cutting widths on rural bitumen and gravel roads wherever possible.
You will notice after heavy periods of rain or total fire ban days there may be some delays before long grass in your area is slashed.
If you believe an area requires urgent slashing please Contact Us.


Council’s land, road reserves and easements are sprayed for weeds when required and weather conditions permit.
We are grateful for those landowners whom spray their fence line; this assists stopping the spread of weeds to neighbouring properties.


Council mow nature strips as required.

We are grateful for those landowners whom maintain their nature strips. To assist Council’s mobile work force it is appreciated if property owners could cut back overhanging branches to allow our tractors to mow up to your property line.

Vacant Land

If you own vacant land you are to keep the land free of long grass and weeds and prepare your fire breaks.
View Firebreaks On Your Property »

The Mobile Work Force also attend to:

  • Litter collection 
  • Drain clearing 
  • Signs 
  • Guide posts 
  • Pot hole repairs 
  • Brush cutting
  • Tree trimming 
  • Tree felling 
  • Mulching 
  • Tree planting

Please Contact Us if you require any further assistance.


Council Land Maintenance

The Mobile Work Force maintain fire breaks and undertake weed management on Council land, with the only exception being Council Recreation Reserves.

Maps of Council land can be found here:

Map 1 - Howard Springs

Map 2 - Bees Creek

Map 3 - Girraween/Humpty Doo

Map 4 - Livingstone/Berry Springs/Acacia

Overall Map