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Abandoned Vehicles

If you notice an abandoned vehicle on a council road in your neighbourhood, you can report it directly to Council by calling 8983 0600 during business hours. Council is authorised to remove, or force owners to remove, vehicles abandoned within the municipality in accordance with Part 5 of the NT Traffic Regulations, which can be viewed by following this link 

Any vehicle found parked in a dangerous manner should be reported to the NT Police who can arrange to have it removed immediately.

Council officers will place a notice on the vehicle within 48 hours of an abandoned vehicle report being received. Unregistered vehicles will be removed from the roadside within 24 hours and registered vehicles are required to be moved within 7 days, unless parked in a prohibited area in which case the vehicle must be removed within 24 hours.

If an abandoned vehicle is not removed by the owner in the required time, it will be removed by Council. Where the vehicle is immobile and cannot be repaired at a cost that does not exceed its value, or has a value of less than $1000, the vehicle will be immediately disposed of by Council. Otherwise, the vehicle will be towed to the Council impound yard.

Council officers will make attempts to locate the last known or registered owner of an impounded vehicle. If this is not successful, Council will place a notice of impounding in the NT News for two consecutive weeks. Abandoned vehicles are held by Council for a minimum of 28 days, after which, vehicles in roadworthy condition, will be auctioned (Vehicle Bid Form below).

An abandoned vehicle release fee is payable prior to Council releasing an impounded vehicle with proof of ownership required. All associated towing and advertising costs are payable by the owner of the vehicle.

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