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Reserves Management

The community recreation reserves are managed by dedicated and enthusiastic volunteer management boards which are funded by Council, fundraising or Grants.  All 7 Reserves are the property Litchfield Council and operate under a license agreement.

A club’s board enables the organisation to be run effectively by applying good governance principles and practices.

Role of the board

A board is made up of a President/Chairperson and management committees.

Main roles and tasks:

  • Set objectives, define policy and develop strategic direction
  • Incorporate good governance and ethical standards into daily activities
  • Monitor the performance of management and volunteer teams
  • Monitor the performance of the organisation against the agreed goals
  • Ensure present plans and actions provide for the organisation’s continuity
  • Manage communication with members and other stakeholders including government, sponsors etc.
  • Manage risk
  • Ensure compliance with policies, laws and regulations
  • Emphasise and concentrate on long-term goals
  • Undertake a regular review of the organisation’s finances.

Board size

Each Reserve has a different board structure, this is set by what is appropriate for the organisation and services the Reserve offers.

Appointment and Selection of Board Members

Terms differ at each Reserve, as does the Annual General Meeting date, Board members must meet regularly. 

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