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Get Active in Litchfield

Get Active in Litchfield is all about getting the rural community active, learning new skills and connecting with others at Council’s Recreation Reserves.

The Get Active in Litchfield program will offer a range of free or low-cost active recreation activities over an eight-week period that are fun, enjoyable and suitable for everyone to join.

Activities will be delivered by qualified sport, recreation and fitness professionals to help the community lead an active, connected and healthy lifestyle.

The goal of Get Active in Litchfield is to:

 - Provide an opportunity for the community to be active, try new activities, and form healthy habits

 - Activate the Recreation Reserves

 - Support local businesses who have been impacted by COVID-19

Want to run a Get Active in Litchfield Activity?

Expressions of interests are currently open for qualified sport, recreation and fitness professionals who are interested in running programs and activities at Council’s Recreation Reserves

The program or activity should be suitable for participants who are not currently active or have minimal previous experience in the activity.

How to apply:

1. Download and complete an expression of interest form

2. Send to [email protected] by Friday 19 June 2020

3. You will be notified of the outcome of your expression of interest by Friday 3 July 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the program be run?

Get Active in Litchfield will be delivered over an eight week period from July to September 2020

When will the program be available?

The program will be advertised on this website and Council’s Facebook page in early July 2020

What are some examples of activities that I could run?

Some examples are:

 - Fitness classes such as yoga and boot camp

 - Outdoor educational workshops such as photography and birdwatching

 - Activities that get people connected such as art workshops

 - Activities for kids such as treasure hunts or come and try sports

However, if you have an idea for an activity that is not listed above, send through an expression of interest or contact Council on 8983 0600 or [email protected] to discuss your idea further.

Can I be paid for an activity I already run?

If you already run an activity at one of Council’s Recreation Reserves, and you would like to expand your program, offer a new program, or host a ‘come and try’ session, you can propose a fee for running your activity. This could be to help cover equipment costs.

Can I run an activity that is not on a Recreation Reserve under this program?

No, the Get Active in Litchfield program is designed to help active Council’s Recreation Reserves.

How many activities can I run?

You are eligible to put forward as many ideas as you want, however it does not mean you will be selected to deliver all of them. Selection of activities will be made by Litchfield Council and will be determined by a number of points that are listed in the expression of interest.

If I can't commit to an eight-week program, is there any flexibility? 

In the expression of interest form, there is a section where you can outline your availability to deliver an activity during July to September. One off events and activities that do not run for the full eight weeks will still be considered.

For More Information
Contact Council’s Community Development Officer at
[email protected]
or on 8983 0600 for more information about Get Active in Litchfield.

The Get Active in Litchfield program is supported by the Northern Territory Government’s Special Community Assistance and Local Employment Program.