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Pools and Spas

As a swimming pool or spa owner you are responsible its safety. Many drownings occur in swimming pools and spas. You should never take your eyes off children in and around pools or spas. If you have a swimming pool or spa, you need to provide a safety barrier to restrict access.

The Northern Territory has pool and spa fencing laws that are contained in the Swimming Pool Safety Act. The Act applies to residential properties smaller than 1.8 hectares with a swimming pool or spa. Under the Act, a swimming pool is an excavation, structure or vessel including a spa bath outside a building and a spa pool, that is:

  • capable of being filled with water to a depth of 300mm or more at the deepest point; and
  • used, or is designed, manufactured or adapted to be used, solely or principally for swimming, wading, paddling or another human aquatic activity.

New pools and spas (installed after 1 January 2003) must be certified as complying with the Modified Australian Standard or the Non-Standard Safety Provision.

Existing pools and spas (installed before 1 January 2003) can either comply with the Modified Australian Standard (MAS) or the Community Safety Standard (CSS) which is a self declaration process.

Tenants also have a responsibility to ensure pool and spas are kept safe.