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On Your Property

This section carries information regarding items on your property. 

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Construction of new driveways and access roads are permitted on receiving a permit from Litchfield Council. Landowners/Occupiers are advised to contact the Litchfield Council Works Section Contact Us .Read more

Burning and Clearing

Permits to burn are required by the Northern Territory Fire and Rescue Service year round in the rural area. Permits are available, weather permitting, generally from end November till the end of April. Permits cease to be issued once the dry season commences as confirmed by the Bureau of...Read more


Fencing is not compulsory around Litchfield residential properties. Council key requirement is consideration of sight distance so as not to obstruct view of drivers entering and leaving a property and that drainage is not affected, the fence should have no overhang to the road reserve or easement...Read more

Fire Management

Landowner Responsibilities Firebreaks / Fire Access Trails Fire awareness is a big part of living in the Top End and the better prepared you are for a bushfire the easier it will be to protect your assets. Fire prevention, firebreak construction and reduction of fuel loads are the responsibility of...Read more

Pools and Spas

As a swimming pool or spa owner you are responsible its safety. Many drownings occur in swimming pools and spas. You should never take your eyes off children in and around pools or spas. If you have a swimming pool or spa, you need to provide a safety barrier to restrict access. The Northern...Read more

Property Numbering System

Properties have assigned street numbers and lot numbers which are provided to you on your rates notice and most other correspondence from the Litchfield Council. The lot numbers apply to the subdivision lot numbering system and the street numbering is a distance based system, with the street number...Read more

Sewerage/Septic Tanks

Most properties within the Litchfield Municipality have household sewerage treatment plants or a septic tank to treat waste water. Please make yourself aware of the layout of your septic tank system and its separation from your Water Bore . Keep Trees Away from the Septic System Discourage root...Read more

Water Bores

The majority of properties in the Litchfield Municipality provide their own water by way of a bore. Some properties have access to town water supply and landholders should make themselves aware, as early as possible, of their connection point. Some 'spaghetti lines' as they are commonly known, are...Read more

Banana Freckle

The National Banana Freckle Eradication Program is working to eradicate the fungal plant pest, banana freckle, which has been discovered in the Northern Territory and poses a risk to the Australian commercial banana industry. Although banana fruit infected with banana freckle pose no threat to...Read more