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Capital Works and Maintenance

Litchfield Council has a broad annual capital works and maintenance program, designed to replace, maintain and improve infrastructure and facilities within Litchfield Municipality.

Capital works are defined as building and engineering works that create an asset, in addition to constructing or installing facilities and fixtures associated with those works.  The Council’s Capital Works projects may, in any one financial year, include:

  • Roads - kerb and channeling, new road construction, road widening, pavement rehabilitation and stabilization works, asphalt and resealing works
  • Drainage – upgrading capacity or new installation of concrete pipe, box culverts or pipe structures and open drains
  • Footpath – extensive renewal works such as footpath replacement, repairs and new works

Litchfield Council Developer Contribution Plan for Roads and Drainage.

If you would need to request maintenance works or repairs, please Contact Us.