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Draft Animal Management Plan

Council is preparing a four-year Animal Management Plan which will guide its management of domestic dogs and other animals within the municipality.

Council is committed to ensuring that our community's safety and amenity is upheld and protected, and that Litchfield is the best place to live in the Top End.

Stage one of the development of the Animal Management Plan has been complete with the community providing Council feedback on the Discussion Paper.

Community feedback has been considered during the development of the Draft Animal Management Plan, and we are now asking the community if we are on the right track.

How do I provide feedback on the draft Animal Management Plan?

Read the draft Animal Management Plan

Feedback can be provided below.

In person at Council office - 7 Bees Creek Road, Freds Pass

At any of the information displays being held at market and shopping centres in the municipality (see page 4 of the Plan)

The Animal Management Plan will provide Council with a framework to effectively manage the increasing number of domestic dogs within out community and outlines the programs and services that Council will undertake over the next four years.

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Closing Date: 
Sunday, May 19, 2019