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Private Roads Policy - Draft

17 October 2019

Private roads were created predominantly in the late 1970's with the creation of subdivisions that had a shared road access that existed within the property lot boundaries. The access roads look and function like a typical Council road, but they are not actually owned or controlled by Council.

Council currently has a Private Roads Policy (LC29) that identifies these roads that Council does not own but undertakes maintenance on. This Policy was adopted in 2012 and is due for review.

Council is committed to continuing to provide a service to the identified roads, due to the legacy that existed prior to Council's establishment.

Council has prepared an updated Private Roads Policy and would like to hear from affected residents. The updated Policy is intended to provide greater clarity of what a private road is, Council's obligations, a clear service level, and future opportunities for handing over relevant private roads to Council.

Directly affected property owners are being consulted individually with further information.

Affected property owners, and residents, are encouraged to raise any questions on the online forum or contact Council on 8983 0600 to discuss.

Roads on Crown Land, controlled by the NT Government, have been removed from the Private Roads and Council are liaising with the NT Government on ownership arrangements of roads on their land.

The following roads are included within the draft Policy:

Road Name Policy Definition Length Number Owners
Cooper Road E Battle-axe access 415 2
Cooper Road W Battle-axe access 415 2
Gullick Road Private Road 1240 15
Hughes Road Private Road 1468 11
Ironwood Place 2 Battle-axe access 323 3
No Name Road Private Road 1428 12
Notta Road Private Road 490 3
Old Bynoe Road Private Road 1780 6
Ross Road Private Road 834 4
Russ Road Private Road 1399 10
Sandy Road Private Road 1357 9
Some Road Battle-axe access 433 2
Swamp Road Private Road 764 5
Walker Road Private Road 1371 10

The following roads are not defined as private roads in the Policy and have been removed from the Policy:

Road Name Ownership
AAAA Road Crown Land
Radford Road City of Palmerston
Horsnell Road Litchfield Council Gazetted
Pipeline Road Crown Land
Pipeline Road East Crown Land
Thorburn Road Crown Land

Property owners and residents are able to view their relevant survey titles for their properties through the NT Atlas and Spatial Data Directory. Properties can be searched and selected to view their relevant 'survey plans'.

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