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Media Release - Taminmin Community Library

26 November 2018

Councils work together to enhance the public library service experience for the Litchfield Community

Litchfield Council will join forces with City of Palmerston to provide and improve public library services at Taminmin Community Library.

Under a new library agreement with the Northern Territory Government, Council will be funded to take on the responsibility of Taminmin Community Library under a four and a half year funding agreement commencing on Wednesday 2 January 2019.

Litchfield Council CEO Kaylene Conrick said Taminmin Community Library will continue to operate with the same opening hours and a focus on improving programs and updating the library collection.

City of Palmerston has agreed to provide library staffing for Taminmin Community Library in a 12-month period shared services arrangement. Both councils are committed to exploring shared library services in the long term to identify efficiencies and benefits.

“The City of Palmerston enjoys a close working relationship with our neighbour Litchfield, and there are numerous advantages in us working collaboratively and developing shared services for the benefit of our respective communities, including financial and social benefits. Our considerable experience and specific expertise in providing library services provides opportunities for both Councils to work efficiently and attract high calibre staff whilst delivering and improving on services for our residents,” said City of Palmerston CEO Luccio Cercarelli.    

Staff positions for Taminmin Library will be advertised by City of Palmerston in the coming weeks. Under a shared services arrangement, Palmerston Library staff will provide a cost effective public library service through Litchfield Council’s direction.

Look out for the newly branded Litchfield Council Taminmin Community Library in the new year. A community launch and celebration event is planned for mid-February 2019.