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Message from the Mayor

The last few months have been a challenging time for us all in many different ways and this will continue as we adjust to everyday life in the ‘new normal’. I am certainly pleased to see the winding back of some of the COVID-19 restrictions but conscious the threat of COVID-19 is not over.

Some of the changes for Council include the reopening of the offices and the library, still of course with personal distancing and hygiene measures in place. You can check the Council’s Facebook page to get a full listing of these changes. We are however still encouraging you to attend to council business on the phone or via our website if possible. 

Council has adopted a number of measures to support ratepayers, residents and groups who are experiencing hardship. We have revised the Rate Concession Policy and expanded the temporary hardship provision. Commercial rate payers will be supported with three-month rates wavier and further deferrals for three months. You can find details on the Council Website and Facebook pages and I encourage you to contact Council to discuss your particular circumstances with one of our staff members.

The really good news is the NT Government offer to partner with Litchfield Council to fund various projects to help to get the local economy moving by supporting local employment, local business and the continued delivery of essential services. 

This initiative called Special Community Assistance and Local Employment funding (SCALE), will help shovel ready and longer-term community projects to forge ahead. Thirteen community projects to the value of $560,000 will be delivered over the next four months.

All projects chosen will improve the liveability of our area and continue to ensure our Municipality remains the best place to live ‘and work’ in the Top End. 

Projects include:

  • improvements to Council’s shared bike/pedestrian pathways;

  • active play installations and refurbishments at Humpty Doo Village Green, Livingstone Reserve;

  • development works for Mira Square in Southport and upgrades to Berry Springs community hall;

  • additional signage at McMinns Lagoon; 

  • the instigation of an active recreation program for Recreation Reserves to support local businesses impacted by COVID-19;

  • upgrade Council office to allow digital meetings and improved remote operation;

  • COVID-19 signage and improved sanitation facilities across the Municipality, and

  • support for the Fred’s Pass Rural Show to produce a mini-series promoting our fantastic local producers and chefs.

We are keen to hear your thoughts on the what the refurbishment of the active play equipment at our most popular playground in the area, Humpty Doo Village Green, could look like.  

We are also interested to have your feedback on the 2020 Local Government Electoral Review. This is a NT Government mandated review of the structure of Council and its constitutional arrangements to ensure we have the best structure to represent you.

Check out both the surveys at, , check in at one of the Litchfield Council market stalls over the coming weeks or just give me a call to share your thoughts.

In other Council news, it fantastic to see that the tenders for the Mango Roads Project were advertised this week. The culmination of 2 years of Council’s advocacy to the Federal and NT Governments.

It was great to join Brett Whelan from Southern Districts Cricket Club and the Assistant Minister for Sport and the Member for Brennan, Tony Sievers at the opening of the new change rooms and viewing platform and Freds Pass maintenance shed. These facilities have been long awaited and will be appreciated by both our cricket players and spectators when the season kicks off.

Finally, thanks to all our Community volunteers who do amazing work in our Community, be it at our sporing clubs, the library, scouts, firies or reserve committees or just helping out caring for others and helping when necessary.

Mayor Maree Bredhauer

Ph 0437 517 709