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The Council is a corporate body having perpetual succession. This means that while membership of the Council (the five elected members) will vary from time to time, the actual operation of the Council will continue unaffected. The five elected members, a Mayor and four Councillors are elected for a four year term and carry out their duties under the provisions of the Local Government Act and Regulations.
Simply stated, Council is the decision and policy making body whilst Council staff are the means by which these decisions and policies are carried into effect.

Litchfield Council is the local government council responsible for planning and delivery of a range of services, such as:

  • Animal Management
  • Thorak Regional Cemetery
  • Waste and Recycling
  • Road Maintenance
  • Recreation Reserves
  • Mobile Workforce

These services are used by all the residents and visitors to the Municipality in carrying out their daily activities.

In July 2008 the Litchfield Shire Council was changed to Litchfield Council under a revised Local Government Act (that saw changes in the structure of Local Government across the NT) and is no longer known as a Shire.

On 1 July 2008 Council's responsibilities also included management of the Thorak Regional Cemetery.

Litchfield Council Offices are located at 7 Bees Creek Road, Freds Pass, Northern Territory. 

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 Staffing plan


Council Staff

In line with Litchfield Council's 2018/2019 Municipal Plan, Council's staff structure is 55.27 full time equivalent staff. Contract labour is used where required to complete other Council tasks. Council Staff undertake the administrative actions required to achieve the Councils strategic directions...Read more