TitlePolicy numberApproved Date
Customer Service CharterCOR07
Disposal of Surrendered and Unclaimed Impounded DogsREG01
Organisational Change PolicyLC61
Reserves PolicyLC38
Subdivision and Development PolicyINF08
Street and Public Lighting PolicyINF07
Private Roads PolicyINF06
Sealing of Roads PolicyINF05
Place Names PolicyINF04
Roadside Memorials and Monuments PolicyINF03
Driveway Crossovers PolicyINF02
Asset ManagementINF01
Land Acquisition PolicyGOV12
Common Seal PolicyGOV11
Recording of Council MeetingsGOV07
Caretaker PolicyGOV05
Whistleblowing PolicyGOV04
Privacy PolicyGOV03
Meeting Procedures PolicyGOV02
Policy FrameworkGOV01