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Parking and Amenities

Parking, Grounds Access and Amenities

The cemetery has several designated parking spaces adjacent to the facilities, such as the chapel, Customer Service Office, and Garden of Angels. Plenty of parking is available along the road side and adjacent to the popular burial sections such as the Memorial Palm Gardens and the Orthodox Section.

No vehicles are permitted on the lawn areas.

For middle road access contact cemetery staff ahead of your access need.

Thorak Regional Cemetery offer a number of interment and memorial options as a final resting place to commemorate a special life.

Whether you and your family choose a traditional ground burial or one of the Memorial Gardens to preserve your family history, Thorak offers a peaceful place for loved ones to reminisce and remember, while surrounded by a timeless place of beauty that is both soothing and inspiring.

The customer service office has a display of urns and can arrange for headstones and plaques for purchase. 

Toilets are accessible and available at the Chapel and Cemetery Office.

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