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Animal Management

Dog De-sexing Initiative

Council is committed to ensuring safety and amenity within the community and to encourage responsible pet ownership.

Dogs that are not de-sexed tend to roam which means they can become lost. Roaming dogs continue to be a key issue for Council.

Council is offering a new initiative to assist residents with having their dogs de-sexed.

The program subsidises the cost of de-sexing dogs with a $100 voucher.

Why is de-sexing so important?

  • By de-sexing your dog you reduce the risk of cancer or other diseases of its reproductive organs

  • De-sexed dogs are much less likely to want to escape from your property and are less likely to become lost or to fight and get injured

  • Various forms of antisocial and nuisance dog behaviour are eliminated

  • De-sexing stops the “heat” cycle in females

  • Your dog will become more content and settled, and less likely to display anxious or aggressive behaviour

  • Female dogs that are not de-sexed can be prone to acute uterine infections and breast cancer

  • The community is not burdened with the cost of dealing with dumped litters of puppies and unwanted dogs

How does the voucher system work and would I be eligible for it?

  • You must be a resident of the Litchfield municipality

  • Your dog must currently be micro-chipped and its details registered with the Litchfield Council

  • Council is offering a de-sexing voucher to the value of $100 for redemption at participating vets in our Council area

  • You are only eligible for this voucher once and cannot apply for a voucher for a second or subsequent dog

  • The voucher is not transferable and must be provided to the vet when your dog is admitted for surgery

  • Vouchers must be redeemed before 17 June 2017.

Please do not book the procedure with the vet until you receive your voucher. You are required to apply by completing this application form.

Important Note: Council’s voucher does not cover the full cost of de-sexing. The cost is dependant on various factors including the weight, age and sex of your dog. To determine the gap payable by you, enquiries should be made with the participating vet.

            Participating Vets

            Darwin Large Animal Veterinary Service                    Ph 0415 082 876

            Howard Springs Veterinary Clinic                               Ph 8983 1458

            Humpty Doo Veterinary Clinic                                    Ph 8988 3340

            Girraween Veterinary Clinic                                       Ph 8983 1183

            Litchfield Veterinary Clinic                                         Ph 8983 2838

 For more information please contact Council's Animal Management team on 8983 0600

Proposed Litchfield Council (Animal Management) By-Laws

Council By-laws are required to ensure safety and amenity within the community and to encourage responsible pet ownership.

A committee was formed in early 2013 to review the current By-laws and have held community meetings and gathered public submissions.

Submissions for the proposed Litchfield Council (Animal Management) By-Laws are now closed.

Council will be considering the proposed amendments to the By-Laws based on the submissions, informal discussions with community members , data received through previous consultation periods and benchmarking with other similar councils around Australia.

To view the Proposed Litchfield Council (Animal Management) By-Laws or Public Information Paper click the links below.

Public Information Paper

Proposed Litchfield Council (Animal Management) By-Laws

Frequently Asked Questions

After Hours Assistance

Litchfield Council does not provide an after-hours service.

In the case of an emergency, such as a life threatening dog attack, please contact the NT Police on 131 444.  Any incidents involving dogs that occur after hours should be reported to Council the following business day so they can be investigated by the Regulatory Services Team.

If you have a stray dog wander onto your property after hours or over the weekend and can safely contain the animal, please do so and contact Council during business hours so the dog can be collected.  Friendly stray dogs that are found after hours should be taken to the nearest vet clinic that is open so they can be scanned for a micro-chip and returned to their owner.  Social media can also be a useful resource if you have lost or found a dog outside of Council operating hours and may assist in re-uniting dogs with their owners.

The following Facebook pages are recommended:

  • Top End Lost and Found – TELAF

  • Humpty Doo and Rural Areas Lost and Found Pets

  • Humpty Doo and Rural Areas Community

  • Northern territory Lost Pet Register

  • Lost Pet Finders Northern Territory


General Information

Dogs are a wonderful addition to any family however it is important to understand your responsibilities as a pet owner.  Dog owners are required to take legal responsibility for their dog's behaviour and actions.  Please ensure that you are familiar with the Litchfield Council (Rural Dog Management) By-laws.

Responsible dog owners rarely have complaints made regarding their dog.  A dog that is well fed, exercised, has basic training and is healthy, usually does not cause a nuisance to others.  All dogs kept withint he Litchfield municpatlity must be securely contained to their own property, be on a leash when in public and be micro-chipped, with their details provided to Council.  Fore more informaiton, please see the Your Dog and the Law information sheet.

Council's Regulatory Services team can provide helpful advice on a range of dog related issues including containment methods, barking and/or nuisance behaviour, aggressive dogs and general dog management.  You may also find the Kids & Dogs, Barking Dogs, Responsible Dog Ownership and Tips to Keep your Dog at Home information sheets useful.

If you have lost your dog, please visit Council's Found Animal Gallery.

If you would like further informationh, please call the Regulatory Services Team during business hours on 08 8983 0600.