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Truck Tonnage Limits

Litchfield Council regulates weight limits on roads to restrict undue wear to the Municipalities infrastructure. Vehicles over the set limit are restricted for travel on the roads noted below, signs are displayed in these areas.

10 Tonne Load Limit on Finn Road (Entire Length)

10 Tonne Load Limit on Agostini Road

10 Tonne Load Limit Elizabeth Valley Road

8 Tonne Load Limit Bees Creek Road (South of Gulnare Road)

6 Tonne Load Limit Brandt Road

5 Tonne Load Limit Livingstone Road Between (Cornock and Blyth Roads)

4.5 Tonne Load Limit Cyrus Road


Gravel Roads

All gravel roads have a 10 tonne load limit for the duration of the Wet Season.  


Council advertise changes to road limits in local news print.


It is the vehicles operators responsibility to identify when a vehicle is operating outside general access limitations.