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Development and Subdivision Standards

The Litchfield Council – Development and Subdivision Standards (Standards) provide developers and stakeholders (engineers, planners, contractors etc.) with the minimum standards acceptable to Litchfield Council for development and subdivision design, construction, and maintenance of land within Litchfield municipality.

The Standards set out the design and approval process and the design criteria and technical requirements for all aspects of development and subdivision managed by Council within Litchfield municipality.



All PDF forms can be completed electronically


Development and Subdivision Standards »

(includes all forms and standard drawings)

Nominated Developer's Representative Form »  
Clearance Application »  
Conditions Precedent - Plan and Report Review Application »  
Detailed Design Stage - Plan and Report Review Application »  
Works within a Road Reserve Permit - Works Associated with a Development Permit »  
Inspection Application »  
Value of Assets Spreadsheet »  
Outstanding Works/Defects Bond Agreement »  

Standard Drawings »

(includes all standard drawings)