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Planning and Development

Councils in the Northern Territory are not directly responsible for any planning matters. These are the responsibility of the Northern Territory Government Department of Lands, Planning and Environment. The Minister appoints the Development Consent Authority (DCA) as the body responsible for approving subdivisions and developments in the Territory. The Northern Territory Government (NTG) and relevant Minister are responsible for administering the Northern Territory Planning Act and NT Planning Scheme.


Planning Applications Considered by Council

Council review planning applications within the municipality, Council provide comment on those applications to the Development Consent Authority for consideration.

See full list of applications and Council comments here »


How it Works

The Application

All Applications must be lodged with the Development Assessment Service (DAS) , all Development Applications in the Litchfield Municipality are then processed by and decided upon by, the Development Consent Authority Litchfield Division (DCA)

Development Permit
(if applicable)

It is at this stage that Council will require the Developer to nominate a “Technical Representative” to co-ordinate the development. 


The Developer is not to proceed with any works until all plans and specifications have been submitted and approved.

Part V Clearance

Provided by Council when all works are completed to Council’s standards and Guidelines. All works subjected to 24 months Defect period.


Once the development is complete Council needs to be advised that sign-off is required. 

Development One Stop Shop: Book, Lodge and Pay Online Applicants can lodge development applications online through the DAS One Stop Shop




Council has development guideline that should be used by anyone wanting to develop or subdivide property within the Litchfield Municipality. It also covers new urban subdivisions of multiple number of dwellings. The Guideline provides Council philosophies and policies when undertaking development works. They includes the planning process, construction requirements, maintenance and approvals.

Developer Contributions Plan »

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