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Proposed (Animal Management) By-Laws

16 February 2017

Council By-laws are required to ensure safety and amenity within the community and to encourage responsible pet ownership.

A committee was formed in early 2013 to review the current By-laws and have held community meetings and gathered public submissions.

The proposed Litchfield Council (Animal Management) By-Laws are now officially open for comment and we encourage residents to provide feedback.

To view the Proposed Litchfield Council (Animal Management) By-Laws or Public Information Paper click the links below.

Public Information Paper

Proposed Litchfield Council (Animal Management) By-Laws

Submissions can be made by:

Emailing here

Submitting a form on the contact us page

or by mailing to

Litchfield Council

PO Box 446

Humpty Doo  NT  0836

The submission period has been extended to close Sunday 19 March at midnight.


Animal Management

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