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Council Plans and Publications

The Council Plans articulate the goals and outcomes against which the Council will be measured and explains, at an in depth level, how we will achieve them. It includes the Municipal Plan which principally is designed to influence how sections of Council can work to develop a stronger community within the Municipality. The detail of what we will do and how we will fund our activities is agreed each year in the Annual Report and Budget.

2016-2017 Municipal Plan

2016-2020 Strategic Plan - reviewed 2017

2015-2016 Annual Report

Draft 2017-2018 Municipal Plan

Local Governments in the Northern Territory are required to undertake their planning and reporting activities in accordance with the Local Government Act and Local Government (Administration) Regulations.

The draft Municipal Plan has been released by Council for public consultation for a period of 21 days, ending 31 May 2017.

Council has an ongoing commitment to engage the community in setting Council's direction and we encourage you to make a submission in relation to this draft 2017-2018 Municipal Plan for Council's review at a Special Council Meeting on 5 July, 2017.

Draft 2017-2018 Municipal Plan

Submissions can be made as follows:

Attention: CEO Re: 2017-2018 Municipal Plan Submission

By Mail

Litchfield Council

PO Box 446


In Person

Litchfield Council Office

7 Bees Creek Road, Freds Pass


email to

Council plans to adopt the 2017-2018 Municipal Plan, Rates Declaration and 2017-2018 Budget at a Council Meeting on 5 July, 2017.


Strategic Plan

Litchfield Council has adopted their Strategic Plan for 2016 - 2020. The plan has been prepared to guide Council's decision making in the future. Strategic Planning involves setting the long term vision for future use, development, protection and direction. Council is responsible for developing...Read more

Municipal Plan

Litchfield Council Municipal Plan ensures the future development in the Municipality is undertaken in a strategic and integrated manner. The Council is committed to providing a cost efficient, open and accountable system of local government for ratepayers. Council undertakes planning to ensure its...Read more

Annual Reports

The Annual Report and Budget provides a detailed description of the Council's yearly funded activities and how those activities will contribute to achieving the outcomes in the Strategic Plan. Litchfield Council Annual Report 2015-2016 Litchfield Council Annual Report 2014-2015 Litchfield Council...Read more

Regional Management Plan

This Local Government Regional Management Plan for the Northern Region is a statutory instrument under part 3.1 of the Local Government Act. It comes into effect in July 2012 and has a term of 4 years. The Regional Management Plan can be reviewed and amended during this period. The local government...Read more

Developer Contributions Plans

The purpose of this Plan is to ensure that developers share the costs of providing infrastructure to meet the demands generated by development, and to provide a clear indication to developers the reasoning and procedure for Council levying monetary contributions for infrastructure. Developer...Read more

Rates Declaration

Notice is hereby given pursuant to Section 158 of the Local Government Act that the following rates and charges were declared to apply to the financial year ending 30th June 2017 by Litchfield Council at the Council Meeting held on Wednesday 6 July 2016. Rates Declaration for 2016-2017 Notice is...Read more